Chemicals are everywhere. The common definition of "chemical" as a noun is a substance that is produced or used in a process (reaction) involving changes to atoms or molecules. Obviously, with a definition this broad, not only are chemicals everywhere, they are a natural part of our world. However, it is only since the beginnings of the Industrial Revolution that we have been adding synthetic chemicals to our world at a furious rate, or using natural chemicals in concentrations or for purposes that are harmful. Rates of chronic disease are on the rise around the world, and those rates parallel all too closely the industrialization of our planet. Obesity, unhealthy diets, and lack of exercise - all nowtypical western lifestyle hallmarks - are contributors to the rise in chronic disease; however, these factors all rest upon the backdrop of chemical ubiquity in our world today. Any of us can eat better, exercise more, and keep our weight down if we choose to do so. Avoiding chemicals in today's world is much more difficult.

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